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Rainer Sobottka - Normal Professional Photography on Racing Motorbike / Fat Mountain Bike
Rainer Sobottka
latest update Aug2021-close to public
Exiting FineArt Photography:
A challenge for those who do!
A dream for those who watch behind!

Relationships may change and renew
Such photography remain for your next generations
Zug/Flieger in realer Geschwindigkeit fotografiert, keine Montage

train and plane in real drive/aproach, no insertion/powerpoint
Exiting FineArt Photography:
Challenging photography at special locations
Enjoable posing and results for model and photographer
...and final clients

Wall-size paintings, wall-size pictures, wall size impressions for life!
Such photography remain for your next generations and each visitor will be impressed.
Wir sind da für, we work for:

- Model Fotos für Sie, individuell nur für Sie oder nach unseren Vorschlägen

Model photography for you, anyway what kind of or as per our own requ.

- Werbefotos mit Models
Advertising with Models

- Eigene FineArt Fotos für Publizierung und Ausstellung
own fineart photography for publishing and exhibitions

- mit besonderer Nachbearbeitung

with special editing

- irgend etwas anderes, was Spaß macht und ist kreativ, besonders, markaber, neu, irrre...., gewagt, unverschämt
anything else which makes fun and is creative, special, action, morbid, new, fancy/funky...risky, incredible, disgusting
Wir machen extreme 

we do

Sorry we show our Pictures only in public exhibitions outside Kenya or on request.
Do not hesitate to contact us please.

Images of this site show models with fat-mountainbike, pregnant, models on racing motorbike, others at special beach images, in normal technology of today's "normal" but professional photography with Fullframe-Cams.

I call them "normal" like so many good pics can watch at Instagram today from other professional photographers.
Not enough exciting for an international art-exhibition.

I call them "normal" to stay in difference to my art-photography which is exciting, unique, once-a-life-picture, non-repeatable.

kindly click here to contact us for modelling / contract / pictures / sale